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Looking to put on a fireworks display in the UK? Having operated since 2007, we've picked up a wealth of knowledge of what to except in terms of safety measures, types of product and event planning. Scroll below to see answers to the most commonly asked questions we've heard from our clients.

are there time restrictions for fireworks in
the uk?

Many people don't know this, however it's actually it's UK law to have fireworks finished by 11pm except for new year's eve, Diwali and Chinese New year. Actually you cannot set of fireworks between 11pm and 7am outside of those other days.


Category 2 Fireworks have recommended safety distances (absolute minimum) of between 5 and 15 metres while Category 3 are recommended at a minimum of 25 metres however, we recommend doubling these distances if possible. Fireworks are generally really reliable however, they are still hand built and human error still plays it's role occasionally, hence safety distances.

can i get a quality fireworks display from shop bought products?

It's perfectly possible to get a truly spectacular display using shop bought products and your retailer should be knowledgeable about all products, safety and set up. And should be willing to advise products to suit your venue.

what is the largest fireworks available to the public?

Rockets are the largest item the public can purchase. They are probably the biggest risk item as they are a little unpredictable. Rockets tend to fly into the wind once launched.

what are some other main categories of fireworks available?

Multi shot boxes are know as barrages or cakes. These can contain from a few shot tubes to several hundred. They operate from a single ignition and may last from a few seconds to a couple minutes or so.

A Roman candle is a single tube with multiple shots stacked on top of one another.

do i require insurance to put on a fireworks event?

No, however it's recommended, and it's important to know that You are not insured if you put on an event using any fireworks unless you seek specific fireworks event insurance. Our fireworks crews are insured for £5 million when performing shows for parties, weddings, bonfire night etc.

what's the best way to light fireworks?

The best thing to light fireworks with is a blow torch or portfire (i.e. a lighting taper).

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