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Past, Present & Future

Fireworks services and fireworks for sale all across Wiltshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire,  Gloucestershire and Somerset. Distant Thunder fireworks started with very humble beginnings. A few hundred pounds worth of fireworks from a shop for my own wedding which sewed the seeds of what we are today. Since 2007 we’ve grown from a small hobby type outfit to 2019 British Musical Fireworks champions as well as working with others on some of the largest displays around Europe, including: Swiss national day, Courchevel, Berlin, Riga, Cannes, Paris and Plymouth. Fully insured, safety is as important to us as the perfect display for your event so please feel free to talk to us about your venue, your budget and what you’d love to see!


Site surveys available for fireworks events in and around the Wiltshire area. If we haven't been to your venue before then a full and free site survey is done. It doesn't take long but it will give us the information needed to be able to confidently talk about what can or cannot be done at your venue. If you're a venue owner are worried about fireworks then give us a call and we'll pop along and have a look.

We can provide a free site survey for your fireworks event in Chippenham, Bath, Bristol, Corsham or any of the surrounding areas. Feel free to give us a call today!
We can provide setup, fire and clearup for fireworks events in the South of England. Call today.


Setup, fire & cleanup services available for fireworks events in Salisbury, Keynsham, Yate, Swindon and the surrounding areas. Everything is done for you and we leave the venue tidy. We respect every venue and environment we work in, therefore most of our work is carried out off site. On the evening we set up, fire your show and most importantly clean all the mess up.


We can provide remote controlled fireworks shows all across the South of England. This latest generation of control systems allow us to burst fireworks in complex sequences through the sky and along the ground with split second accuracy as well as giving us the ability to isolate products within a show if we feel safety is being compromised. Our setup is fully compatible with time code which is integrated with our lighting desks, lasers and most importantly sound system and allows us to to synchronise the choreographed fireworks to the music score.

We provide awesome remote controlled fireworks shows in the South of England. Call for a free consultation today.
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